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‘There’s no evidence that checking a box — whether it’s one box or multiple boxes — no evidence that it’s making any changes in society,’ Jaskolski said. He also said he’s not denying his race as some have argued — but embracing both.
— Eric Jaskolski interviewed by Beverly Taylor for FOX6 News Milwaukee
“Being in a (race) box, what is it doing? To me it’s making everything even more divided.”
— Eric Jaskolski interviewed by Milwaukee's NBC 4

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(The film) hit home on so many levels for me…very eye-opening.
— Adam Carolla
‘I Am’ demolishes Identity Politics.
Tomi Lahren: ‘Very powerful…and everyone should see this film.’
— The Tomi Show on The Blaze
I Am or How Jack Became Black may have one questioning what box they fit into and how they came to fit into it. Are we ready for such a conversation in these turbulent political times? -
It is a fascinating (and disturbing) exploration of the contemporary subordination of the individual to careerist bureaucracies and anti-humanist orthodoxies.
A stuntman, an actor, and a documentarian sit for a free for all discussion on I Am or How Jack Became Black
— The Great American Podcast
This film is a wonderful exploration into the reality multiracial people deal with in identifying with the different cultures that make up their ancestral background….What I find interesting about his film making it that he is deaf. While this is not a topic of his latest film, it intrigued me to know how it impacts his filmmaking style...
Documentary filmmaker Eli Steele sits with host Aling Zhang in Los Angeles California to discuss his newly released documentary film ‘I Am or How Jack Became Black’.