I Am or How Jack Became Black explores the impact of the multiracial baby boom upon Identity Politics-driven America, a country that has shed much blood on the color line.


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Adam Carolla: I Am or How Jack Became Black "hit home on so many levels for me…very eye-opening."

HollywoodInToto.com: "'I Am' doc demolishes Identity Politics."

TheBlackGeeks.com: "I Am or How Jack Became Black may have one questioning what (race) box they fit into and how they came to fit into it. Are we ready for such a conversation in these turbulent political times?"

National Review: I Am or How Jack Became Black is "wonderful" and "a fascinating (and disturbing) exploration of the contemporary subordination of the individual to careerist bureaucracies and anti-humanist orthodoxies."

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After his son is denied enrollment by the local elementary school for not identifying his “primary race,” a multiracial father journeys through America’s maze of Identity Politics to better understand our relentless preoccupation with race.